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Natural Burials

Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground in Killanne (15 minutes from our funeral home) is Ireland’s first Natural Burial Ground. Since it opened in 2010 we have watched the burial grounds develop into a tranquil final resting place where the end result will be a beautiful nature reserve.

Visiting the grounds is unlike visiting any other cemetery in Ireland, it is clear that at Woodbrook nature comes first. You approach the burial area via a magnificent chestnut lined avenue. As you turn into the initial burial area (the first acre of 7 acres passed by planning) you begin to see the small grave markers of those who have previously been buried as they appear and emerge from the trees, wildflowers, tree trunk benches and grass cut paths. The peaceful tranquillity is broken only by the sound of birds and insects as they go about their business in their newly created habitat.

To have this facility on our doorstep is fantastic for those considering a Green / Natural Burial and visiting is highly recommended.
Different options are available – single, double, family spaces for both burial and ashes burial / scattering both for “at need” and “prepaid”.

We can also help you by facilitating private family visits or by facilitating “at need” and “prepaid” complete funeral options.
For further information please visit www.greengraveyard.com or www.facebook.com/greengraveyard.